London based Latin, Ceroc, Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba dance shoes & dance wear for social and competitive dancing.

Meet INJI refillable, attachable hand sanitisers

Introducing our sister company INJI and it's attachable and refillable hand sanitisers come in lovely fun colours. Refreshing hand spray dries instantly with no sticky messy feeling. It is hydrating thanks to certified organic aloe vera and vegetable glycerin. The scent is gender neutral, gorgeously citrusy. 

Stand out with our unique range of the most beautuful, super sparkly, incredibly comfortable dance shoes.

We have the biggest selection of cuban heeled dance shoes in the UK, designed by dancers for dancers.

Mens Dancewear Clearance!

INJI hand sanitiser pens

Meet INJI our sister company and it's refillable hand sanitiser pens!

Refillable ink, refillable sanitiser so your pen will last forever!